Bridge collapses under heavy load

Murukanam Bridge in Sumgilbar LLG of Sumkar District in Madang Province collapsed yesterday (March 16) following the transportation of logs by a logging firm.

Locals claimed the bridge collapsed as a result of the heavy load considering it had exceeded the maximum weight that the bridge could hold.

Murukanam Bridge is the only bridge that provides an important link by connecting Bogia and Sumkar to Madang Township, and it also links Morobe, Highlands and Sepik region.

The company’s logging point is located between Mangem Care Centre and Bunabum Health Centre where all the round logs are loaded and transported to Central Madang then shipped overseas.

A concerned citizen of the Sumkar district, Albert Giriam Moromo, said the logging company should be held liable for the damage.

“For the interest and benefit of our people, I strongly believe that we have an arguable case to summon the logging company to immediately put up a new bridge.

“This logging company’s existence is of no benefit to the people of Bogia and Sumkar. After they harvest everything from our forests, they will be gone.”

Meantime, it is believed the company in question has agreed to fix the bridge.

Albert Moses