Bradshaw threatens to sue ‘Mama Morobe’

Managing director of Morobe Sustainable Services, Elizabeth Bradshaw, has threatened to sue the ‘Mama Morobe’ group who broke open the MSIL welded gate on November 20th.

Eight of Morobe’s women leaders, who call themselves Mama Morobe, forced open the gate to Manolos Aviation’s fuel depot after hearing of a baby’s death in rural Teptep.

The business arm of the Morobe Provincial Government allegedly locked Manolos Aviation’s fuel depot gate on Monday November 16th over claims of rental arrears.

Managing director, Bradshaw, said the lockout was consistent with a National Court order brought about by Manolos’ refusal to sign a new lease.

And while the business arm restricted access to fuel, a mother at the border of Morobe and Madang lost her child whilst waiting for medivac.

In anger, the women leaders forced their way into MSIL premises and broke open the gate, saying they are fighting for their women in the remote areas who need basic health services.

Bradshaw told this newsroom that the women’s actions are in contempt of court, saying the company will sue them.

She said the board will decide the next course of action when they meet this Friday.

The Mama Morobe, on the other hand, have collected signatures and petitioned the Morobe Provincial Government to remove Bradshaw from the business arm of the provincial government. They accused her of negligence and preventing the women of Morobe from accessing better health services.

The women believe her actions resulted in the death of the baby, whose body is in the ANGAU hospital morgue after the Teptep mother was brought in on November 20th – three days after labour.

(The gate that was forced open)

Carmella Gware