Boroko fire report to be released tomorrow

​Details into the fire that razed shops in Boroko two months back will be released tomorrow in a media conference.

Loop PNG caught up with the Chief for PNG Fire Service, Bill Roo today, where he revealed that investigations were completed weeks ago.

However, due to his busy schedule, Roo said he was unable to release investigative reports on the fire.

An investigating officer will also be present tomorrow to reveal facts regarding the cause of the fire.

The fire was alleged to have started again on the morn of March 24th from a fast food outlet in Boroko and was not completely brought under control.

This saw iconic shops like the Papindo Supermarket, Johnson Pharmacy and Jacobi Private Clinic, all based along the Tabari strip, go up in flames.

A fire untouched CHM shop next door was broken into by opportunists, who took advantage of the chaos, stealing electronic goods before police arrived at the scene.

“A detailed report of the investigations into the cause of the fire is ready and will be released tomorrow for public knowledge,” says Roo.

(Loop file pic)

Annette Kora