Boroko chaos attributed to misleading reports

Misleading information posted on social media has led to the injury of three men and damages to property at the Boroko police station.

The dissemination of false information regarding an alleged kidnapping case saw chaos reign around the Boroko area today.

According to police, what was a rape case involving a female and a number of suspects, turned into a circus early this morning when social media users spread rumours of suspected kidnappers being held at the Boroko police station.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, said it was unfortunate that such a large crowd had turned up all because of misleading information being spread about abductions, kidnappings and the harvesting of organs in the city.

“It is unfortunate that three young men were assaulted and are in critical condition and in hospital – all because of these false, fake, misleading reports.”

Laying down the facts, N’Dranou said a few days ago, a female complainant reported that instead of being dropped off at home by the suspect – whom she knows – she was instead taken to his place.

“And the rape took place,” he stated. “She reported the matter, a few days later, the suspect was picked up.”

N’Dranou said the suspect, when he was apprehended, was in a different vehicle with some of his friends, who were all brought to the station. During that time, a police team that was created following reports of alleged kidnappings established that this particular incident was a rape case.

“Our team was on it, only to find out that this morning, all over the media that we picked up a suspect that has removed human organs and tried to sell it to Asia or somewhere.

“This must stop! Misleading information, fake news, whatever they call (it), must stop!”

This morning’s commotion resulted in a vehicle being damaged by rowdy bystanders and opportunists, apart from the assault of the three men.


Carmella Gware