Border Development Authority to be abolished

The Minister for Inter-Government Relations is planning on abolishing the Border Development Authority.

This intention was made known during a recent trip by a Government delegation to Wutung to inspect PNG’s border facilities, which have been left idle after being completed in 2014.

Minister Kevin Isifu said: “I know there is a lot of failure by the Border Development Authority in the past, and as the minster responsible, I have made the decision to abolish Border Development Authority and to bring back the responsibility under my Ministry so that we can effectively manage the border.”

The facilities remain without power and water, and unoccupied despite K90 million spent to develop the facility under the Trade and Investment Programme beginning in 2012.

“As soon as the technical team has physically gone down and made a more detailed report and then I will ask the Government through the National Planning Minister to allocate some money to bring back the services.

“Before the end of this year we have to open our border facilities. We have to run power from Vanimo to the border. The 42km power line to the border will have to be constructed quickly.

“We are also asking the government, through the planning minister, that we connect the water system through Vanimo and into the Border. So these are some of the steps that we are taking to ensure the border facilities are up and running,” added Isifu.

Cedric Patjole