Bonner Tito: Late Roger Hau’ofa will be missed on the airwaves

The late Roger Hau’ofa will be missed on the airwaves, says Kalang Advertising Limited (KAL) operations manager and current FM100 Talkback Show host Bonner Tito.

Since Monday this week, the show has been running tributes and condolence messages for the late Hau’ofa right up until the end of the week.

Hau’ofa passed away peacefully at 11:42pm on Saturday, March at Iare village in Kairuku District, Central Province after suffering from kidney disease.

Tito said that Hau’ofa was a great man and he leaves behind a great life and legacy.

“The FM100 radio station will miss this mentor and the champion.

“He was the champion of champions in radio journalism and that’s something that we will hold as treasure here.

“The Prime Minister in his condolence message wants the radio industry to archive his recordings to be used as information in the future and we will honor that commitment,” Tito said.

The late Hau’ofa served the radio industry for more than 50 years and hosted the popular radio talkback show since its inception in 1995.

During his reign as talkback host, Roger had commended radio campaigns on humanity and pushed for fund raising drivers to assist people affected by natural disasters and medical cases.

He retired at the end of 2009 from Kalang Advertising and was re-engaged as a consultant to continue to host the ever-popular talkback show for the last seven years up until mid-2016.

Hau’ofa was also a recipient of the Queens Honours Awards in services to radio and community.

Quintina Naime