Bomana barracks personnel to face disciplinary charges

In a twist to the Bomana barracks saga, Loop PNG has been told that unauthorised police personnel who are now taking residence at the barracks will face disciplinary charges.

NCD metropolitan police commander Ben Turi revealed that most of the 150 families that were directed to take up residence at the barracks actually missed out on securing homes up at Bomana.

Turi says initially, the homes were meant for the police families affected by the health inspection that condemned their single quarters at Gordon’s barracks recently.

However, when the clearance was given for the families to move up, other police officers and their families also rushed for the opportunity to take the new houses.

Turi now says all of the police personnel in the homes who are there illegally will be dealt with, as per directives from police headquarters.

Charges to be laid on the officers would be breaking and entering, disregarding barracks standing orders and disobeying directives from commanders.

Meantime, Turi adds that the precedence was set in 1992 when a similar incident took place, which saw police personnel rushing for homes at Games village after the 1991 South Pacific Games.

Those officers who took houses illegally without the proper clearance were dealt with under the law, some even being dismissed from the force.

In the case of Bomana barracks, Turi says if the officers are found to be in breach then they may also face the risk of being charged and dismissed from the force.

Julianna Waeda