Boas Out For 2022 Season

As SP PNG Hunters look forward to the 2022 Hostplus Cup in the Queensland Rugby League, the team will run out next season without star five-eight, Ase Boas.

Close teammate, Wartovo Puara Junior says with Ase out of the pack, the team will have to take every advice possible from the coaching staff to maintain their stand in the Queensland Cup.

“With Ase out of the team it will challenge the boys to go an extra mile and it give their all. It comes down to how prepared we are and how well we can play our game.

“We have great talent in the team and I am sure will do our best. From the look of things, the boys are physically fit and ready,” Puara said.

He said with some of the most experienced players not making it back for the 2022 season it will be tough for the team.

“It will take a lot of hard work, but players must make use of every advice given by the coaching staff if the team is to keep up with the challenges ahead.

“We can only take so much advice but we must also learn to muster our game and how well we can play. Nothing is hard we just have to work as a team. We have done this before and we will do it again,” Puara said.

He said with the new players in the squad, it is unpredictable what they are cable of doing but after working together and training, a lot of talent has been displayed over the last few weeks and the boys have the potential to do well in 2022.

Puara said despite not having key players back for next season, he has every confident in the team especially with two new assistant coaches that will be working closely with the head coach Matt Church.

When asked is his looking forward to playing next year in the World Cup, Wartovo said it all comes down to the selections.

He said: “I would like to play in the Kumuls next year but this will depend on the selectors and they will also be looking at how well players can impresses them.”

Godwin Eki