Blogger’s lawyer told to file motion

The Lawyer representing blogger Martyn Namarong has been told to formally request the National Court by filing a notice of motion.

This notice of motion will be to ask the court to set aside the restraining orders that were taken out against Namorong by the Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato.

Commissioner Gamato on July 12th obtained restraining orders from the Waigani National Court, to stop Namarong, his servants and agents from further publishing defamatory remarks on Facebook and Twitter, against him.

The specific remarks were not stated in the notice of motion moved last week, but his lawyer told Loop PNG after court that the remarks associated Commissioner Gamato to a fruit.

Justice Makail granted the application, allowing for the serve of the orders to be published in both daily newspapers.

The case returned to court today. Namarong and his lawyer, Christine Copland were present.

Copland asked the court not to extend the restraining orders issued last week.

But Justice Derek Hartshon said they should file a notice of motion (formal request) to have the restraining orders set aside.

A notice of motion is written in the form of a request to the court to order something.

Sally Pokiton