Bible Boxes bring joy

Bibles are high on demand. The Mission Aviation Fellowship says with every flight into the remote parts of the country, they carry Bible boxes along to sell at affordable prices.

The Guavi people in Western Province were excited to receive bibles from MAF. Pilots Renee Brewer and Corne Noordhoek, said the people are always beaming with happiness when they receive something as interesting as these bible boxes.

“We don’t fly into Guavi often, so they were excited we had a Bible Box. One elderly man ran back to his house to get money and was happy to buy an audio Bible,” said Renee in his recent trip to Guavi.

A bible box has a variety of literature including bibles in different languages, audio Bibles and even comic Bibles for the younger generation as well.

Another MAF Pilot, Mathias Glass recalled a time when he was flying through Mengau and was overwhelmed by the curiosity from the locals. The comic Bibles especially drew interest.

“It’s incredible, it’s amazing. There are so many people and they come close to you to see what is in the box. They always ask, bring more, bring more, we need more of these things,” he said.

MAF Pilot, Jan Ivar also encountered a similar situation when he flew to Watape in West Sepik Province.

“We sold eleven Bibles in Watape. Ten smaller Tok Pisin Bibles and one large one,” said Jan Ivar.

The pilots said bibles in Tok Pisin are most popular and on high demand in remote areas across the country.

Along with bibles, MAF Pilots also bring readings glasses and sell.


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