Better govt services needed for Wampar: MP

The Wampar LLG will play host to major national projects like the Wafi-Golpu mine and Nadzab Township.

And is its population increases, so too will the demand for better Government services.

With major projects on the horizon, the Wampar LLG is experiencing an influx of people who are hoping to benefit from spin-offs.

During a recent event at Zifasing, the Huon Gulf MP, Ross Seymour, highlighted the need for better health and education services for his district.

“One such case is our Wampar Health Centre situated at Nadzab,” stated Seymour in the presence of the Prime Minister and his delegates.

“It services not only the people of Wampar, but also the surrounding electorates such as Nawaeb, Lae and Markham. The current health centre is inadequate and rundown hence the district has secured land and all technical reports were completed by the Department of Health for a level five district hospital.”

Seymour said a submission was made to the National Planning Department. He urged the National Planning Minister and Bulolo MP, Sam Basil, and the National Executive Council to look into the proposed Nadzab hospital project as it would ease the burden off the ANGAU Memorial Provincial Hospital.

The Huon Gulf MP further called for a high or secondary school for the district.

“Prime Minister, with a population of over 50,000, Wampar LLG is in dire need of a high school,” he stated. “Morobe Technical High School and Salamaua High School are both rundown, and we continue to assist them.”

Seymour said the need for Wampar high school is to fulfill the leave no child behind policy. This was the reason why new infrastructure was built at the Zifasing Primary School to upgrade it to a school of academy.

(Zifasing Primary School students saluting Prime Minister James Marape, Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu and the government delegation at Wampar LLG)

Carmella Gware