Betel nut control laws not lifted: Parkop

Although the buai ban has been lifted on in nation’s capital, betel nut control laws have not changed nor has it been lifted.

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop explained that whilst the buai ban has been lifted in terms of bringing betel nut into the city, however laws that are part of the betel nut control laws have not been lifted.

“This is something the general public within the city has to be clear about.”

Parkop spelt out that some of the betel nut control laws like no trading in public places and certain areas of the city.

He said these are laws which should be looked at carefully by residents as it is just not part of the betel nut control law but plain common sense and knowledge.

“I have said this time and again that people should not trade in public spaces where commuters will go through to go to work, shops, schools or the bus stop. This is nonsense and everybody needs to understand that.”

He said in terms of the rangers, most of them once controlled the border when the buai ban was in place, but are no longer effective except for a few genuine ones in the city.

“Some rangers are still operating but only in specific areas like Boroko, Hohola, Waigani and Down Town which are the main public areas.”

Parkop added that even though the rangers are no longer effective, the reserve police also have the same power to move in to carry out the same responsibility in the place of the rangers.

He adds further that city residents must corporate.

“I’ve given everyone until February to March next year where everyone must make a stand to take some responsibility and show what needs to be done correctly.”

He said regardless of the public complaints, about the rangers and the reserve police, the general public are the ones who are not doing their part in keeping the city clean.

“They must accept responsibility too as they brought up on themselves in selling betel nut in public spaces.”

Annette Kora