Best PNG commodity to export: Church leader

A church leader says the glory of God is the best commodity that PNG can export, particularly back to its origin, Israel.

Prayer coordinator for the Body of Christ members, Pastor Daniel Hewali, made this statement in a press conference in which a 7-day prayer and fasting call was made to the nation. 

“The commodity that we are going to export out of this nation is going to be none other than the ‘glory of God’, the Gospel,” Ps Hewali stated.

“Taking from the end of the world to where it begins, Israel, that’s the blueprint God has for this nation.”

Ps Hewali said the churches have already planned to erect a ‘Unity Pillar’ at the parliament house representing all peoples, tribes and languages. 

He said the unity pillar is a monument that has been built with the Word of God becoming foundation.

Part of that is children reciting the Lord’s Prayer at an early age in school, the word ‘Covenant’, and the word unity inscribed into the candle to depict church and people living in unity with the government.

(Members of the Body of Christ during their press briefing on Monday)

Frieda Kana