Benjamin raises concern over safety of Manus people

Refugees living in the Relocation Centre in Manus are longer safe and will be dealt if necessary says Governor, Charlie Benjamin.

He said the refugees have abused the peace loving nature of his people and are causing many problems in the province.

The warning was made in Parliament today following numerous reports of incidents allegedly caused by the refugees. The latest incident involved the alleged rape of a young woman.

The Governor said although the Provincial Executive Council passed a resolution for the refugees to remain in the camp, the Supreme Court decision of April 26 2016 rendering the camp illegal, allows for refugees to leave the camp at will.

He said the refugees leave the premises for two things – that is to look for women, and find drugs and home brew.

Benjamin asked Foreign Affairs Minister, Rimbink Pato, to find a solution to keep them inside.

Pato said what is happening is of equal concern to all of them and are working to address the problem.

“The (Acting) Chief Migration officer will be travelling to Manus this week if not early next week to make an assessment of the situation, to establish whether or not to what extent whether we are complying with the court orders, whether people who should be in the centre who should not be moving about are in breach of any order the Government has given or the Papua New Guinea citizenship and immigration authority has delivered to them,” he said.

Cedric Patjole