Be wary when parking vehicles: Lae police

Lae residents have been warned to be wary when parking their vehicles in the main centres of the city.

Acting metropolitan superintendent, Chief Inspector Fred Kaiwa, made the call following a number of reports of vehicles being stolen using key copies.

Kaiwa said many vehicles have been reported to be stolen in the last few months through this tactic.

Kaiwa added that police have reason to believe that there is a syndicate of criminals or specifically, car thieves, who are behind this.

He said the target areas are the main shopping centres, including Eriku and the main market.

The chief inspector reiterates that police are doing all they can through their investigations; exhausting all possible avenues.

He is also calling on all residents to be cooperative and not hesitate to report such incidents to the police.

Though people are coming out now to cooperate with police, this is still not enough, therefore Kaiwa is encouraging residents to work together with them for a safe and trouble-free Lae city.


Imelda Wavik