Bawa: My case was a witch hunt

Former NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Andy Bawa, whose case was dismissed in the Waigani National Court today, has described his case as a witch hunt.

His case of misappropriation allegations was dismissed today by Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika after the state filed a notice they will not continue with his case to trial because they do not have enough evidence.

“It’s a huge relief for me simply because I’ve been put through 11 months of torture for something that from day 1 maintained that I have never done wrong,” he told Loop PNG after court this morning.

“It was just a witch hunt on me basically. This is something that I had gone through very unnecessarily, it has caused me my reputation that I had built over the last couple of years, and it had painted a very bad picture of me by someone who had nothing better to do than to be very vindictive.

“I just want to thank the Judiciary for its independence, I want to thank the Public Prosecutor for its independence as well and I want to thank my counsels for being with me all throughout this time as well as all our friends, relatives, fellow police officers,” Bawa said.

He stated that this is the second of such allegations that had been brought against him by the same person (named) and he will be seeking legal advice from his lawyers on the next action to take.

“I will ensure that we will take legal proceedings against him and all the others,” he added.

The state alleged that between Aug 4 and Sept 30, 2016, Bawa, from Kandep in the Enga province, dishonestly applied K83,600, the property of the state, to his own use. The money he allegedly misappropriated was allowance for the 2015 Pacific Games.

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Sally Pokiton