Basil reconciles with PM

Bulolo MP and Deputy Prime Minister, Sam Basil, reconciled with Prime Minister James Marape at Buang, Morobe Province, on Friday evening.

Basil apologised for defecting to the Opposition in November last year.

PM Marape was in Morobe Province on Friday to launch some of Bulolo district’s projects.

Senior Cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister had a fully-booked schedule from 10am at the North Coast Aviation hangar at Nadzab to the launching of various projects in Wau.

As the sun’s rays started fading from the mountain tops of Buang Rural LLG, marked with a significant drop in temperature, the welcoming sound of a chopper’s blades could be heard in the distance.

After an energetic welcome at the Wagau Oval, Bulolo MP and Deputy Prime Minister, Sam Basil, apologised to the Prime Minister for defecting to the Opposition camp on November 13th, 2020.

“Olsem na liklik sin blo mipla lo November, em mi sanap lo ai blo olgeta, na mi tok sori praim minista, tenk yu lo lukautim mipla ken, na bai yumi holim han lo hia na wokabaut,” he stated.

Basil said he chose his home village of Buang to conduct the reconciliation as it would add more value to the gesture.

He further noted the PM’s forgiveness and acceptance of the United Labour Party back into the Pangu Pati led coalition Government, where he gave assurance that they will firmly support each other into the 2022 general elections.

After Basil’s speech, his people started piling yams in front of the prime minister, gave five pigs, two cassowaries and a cow and also presented bilums and crafts as tokens of apology.

In response, Prime Minister Marape told the people of Buang that Basil’s November 2020 actions were minor and water under the bridge.

“Pasin blo ol Mendi, Tari em mipla ino ol man blo pulim kros tumas,” he stated. “Koros pinis, kilim pik, kaikai, mipla stap, em mipla stap na go nau. Noken tingting long baksait. So samting blo aste bai yumi nonap tingting tumas.”

The PM departed the next evening after launching a number of other projects at Mumeng.

(DPM Sam Basil shaking hands with Prime Minister James Marape in the presence of Lae MP John Rosso and Markham MP, Koni Iguan)

Carmella Gware