Basil’s move, a betrayal of trust: North Fly MP

The sudden defection to Government by Pangu Pati Leader and Bulolo MP Sam Basil including 11 of his MPs has not gone down well with the first term MP for North Fly, James Donald.

Donald has described their sudden departure from the Alliance Team in the Opposition, as an ‘act of betrayal’ and one that is driven by ‘fear and uncertainty’.

But, he says, that doesn’t mean individual MPs in the Opposition like himself will give in easily to Government but will still remain with the Alliance Team in the Opposition because it is not the only right thing to do but it is also to do with the wishes of his people.

He said he followed his people’s wishes by joining Vanimo-Green MP Belden Namah under his PNG Party, which is among nine other minor political parties in the current Opposition.

Mr Donald initially contested and won the 2017 General Election under People’s Progress Party banner.

Freddy Mou