Bart Philemon Drive opens

Lae city has, yet again, opened another newly-upgraded concrete road.

This time, it was at the Bart Philemon Drive, which was formerly known as Mangola Street; the road link between Top Town and Main Market.

The four-lane road is 400 metres long and cost Lae City K10 million.

When commending contractor, JV PNG Investment, Morobe Governor, Songang Luther Wenge, said he introduced the idea of cement roads back in 2003 amidst much skepticism.

In 2011, Wenge commissioned the first concrete road in Lae city, which was the Huon Road.

“Mi fait wantem gavman lo 12 years lo ol bai givim cement. Na Somare Gavman, em fespla gavman lo givim K100 million lo statim concrete road,” said Wenge.

“Na yumi putim concrete road na em i pruvim olsem displa road ino nidim maintenance. It’s a road built to last.

“Memba bai i nonap long spendim mani lo potholes because bai i nogat potholes hariap. Em bai yusim displa mani lo kirapim haus sik blo yu. Em bai yusim displa mani, lo wokim skul blo yu.”

Lae MP and Deputy Prime Minister, John Rosso, said development can been seen in Lae because of good leadership and cooperation at all levels.

He thanked the people of Lae for voting him back in, and local and provincial level leaders for standing with him to move the city forward.

Rosso further applauded the Works Department and JV PNG Investment for their work ethics.

“When you have good workers who work hard, samting save kamap,” said Rosso. “When you have good contractors that work hard, samting save kamap.

“I’m very grateful to our governor. On the first day that he got elected, he emphasised to all the Members of Morobe that he will work very closely with us, and especially me, not only for the city of Lae, but also in my capacity as the Deputy Prime Minister.”

Both Governor Wenge and Rosso appealed to residents to take care of the new infrastructure and stop spitting buai on the roads, footpaths and other infrastructure.

Carmella Gware