Baki to invite PM in for questioning

The police commissioner is set on inviting Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in for questioning.

Commissioner Baki said he has engaged the Assistant Commissioner for Crimes, Victor Isouve, and the fraud director and his team to assist him.

In a media conference this morning, Baki said the option now is for himself, as the commissioner for Police, to invite the Prime Minister for questioning.

He adds that it is not a requirement by law but an existing and established protocol the Constabulary has engaged over the years for leaders and high profile people.

An executive brief has been made available to the commissioner by Director Fraud and Anti-Corruption Chief Superintendent, Matthew Damaru, through ACP Isouve.

"It must be appreciated that actions on this investigation leading up to the issuance of the warrant of arrest were taken prior to my appointment as police commissioner.

"In fact, I am the second commissioner in office after the warrant of arrest was issued for the Prime Minister," stated Baki.

He said however, neither himself nor the previous commissioner have been made aware of or have had an appreciation of the investigation.

The Waigani court in its ruling on Tuesday refused to entertain an application for an extension on the stay order on the warrant of arrest for the Prime Minister.

Baki said as the Commissioner for Police, he welcomes the decision of the court as it now paves the way for them to move forward on this matter.

A time frame is yet to be established on when the warrant will be actioned to invite the Prime Minister in for questioning.

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Annette Kora
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