Baki disappointed with drunken personnel

The Police Commissioner has expressed disappointment over the recent incident of pass outs harassing other new pass outs last weekend at the Bomana Police Training College.

Speaking to this newsroom on Monday, Gari Baki said instructions have been issued to have the 37 pass outs locked up at the Gordon Police Station for charges to be laid.

The personnel were detained on March 17 at the police college after they were caught engaging in drunken initiation-like behaviour.

“I’ve also issued instructions that I want them to be suspended and they will be charged and disciplined. That’s the normal disciplinary process.”

Baki said the RPNGC does not have time for that, adding further that these pass outs have not even started their careers as police officers yet.

“That kind of behaviour is uncalled for,” Baki said.

Bomana Police Training Commandant, Peter Philips, said among the charges that will be laid on the now suspended personnel are disgraceful conduct, unethical behaviour and disobeying lawful instructions.

Commandant Phillips anticipates more charges to be laid on them following a consultation of the police acts and laws that are in place.

The pass outs are recent graduates of the previous police batch and are on site as part of the APEC security training.

Annette Kora