Baki disagrees with cash incentive proposal

Police Commissioner Gari Baki says the proposal to pay policemen cash incentives is not proper and will not be allowed to take effect.

Commissioner Baki made this comment following announcements made by the National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, of his intention to pay cash bonuses for prescribed number of arrests made by police men and women within his command.

“Whilst the Metsup’s heart may be in the right place the proposal is counter-productive,” Commissioner Baki said, adding that police men and women have a constitutional duty and responsibility to apprehend, arrest and charge law breakers. He said they are already paid so the payment of bonuses is morally and ethically wrong.

“This is totally wrong and counter-productive so I will not allow it to be implemented. In fact, policemen are among the highest paid public servants in the country. They are a privileged lot.

“Instead of bonuses I am contemplating the idea of performance based contracts for police personnel where non-performance will warrant instant termination of employment and performance will ensure their continued employment within the Constabulary,” Commissioner Baki said, adding that at the moment there are many free-riders within the Constabulary who need to be motivated to work but not with such cash incentives.

“Instead, I would rather look at improving training for the policemen, proper mentoring at the street level, proper resourcing of police operations, improving discipline and command and control and improving terms and conditions of all policemen and women nationwide,” Commissioner Baki said.

The Police Commissioner will announce his policing initiatives for the Constabulary for this year and into the future.

(Police Commissioner Gari Baki filepic)

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