Baki cautions probationary constables

Probationary constables who step out of line face the risk of being immediately terminated and will not have a second chance to re-enter the organisation.

Commissioner for Police, Gari Baki, stressed this during the passing out of the first batch of 2016 recruits yesterday at the Bomana Police Training College.

Baki says this 2017 suspension of recruitment measure was taken to protect the integrity of the Constabulary and to give confidence to all stakeholders.

“As member of the Constabulary, I encourage you to uphold the value of discipline and ethics at all times.”

He explained that after passing out as probationary constables, the recruits’ training will extend into the 18-month Competency Acquisition Program (CAP). During this period, every recruit pass out must work hard to earn the right to become a fully-fledged member of the Constabulary.

“Over the next 18 months, I will assess your performance and decide whether you should become permanently enlisted as members of the Constabulary,” Baki said.

He adds that over the years, the police have seen too many reports of police brutality claims, harassment and crimes allegedly perpetrated by members of the Constabulary.

“These negative reports have brought shame and disrepute to the Constabulary. If we condone or ignore such unethical practices, the actions of a few apples will continue to affect the reputation of many good hardworking officers.”

He says the only way to win public trust and confidence is to demonstrate Godly principles in everything they do, whether at work or outside of the work environment.

“The management has every trust and confidence in you because you represent the future of the organisation,” he told the new officers.

Annette Kora