Baki authorises US security firm to carry arms in public

The American-based security company (Laurence Aviation & Security Group) has been authorised by the Commissioner for Police to carry their firearms in public.

“That is part of the requirement that I wanted them to have a look at and provide a guideline for our police officers. They are carrying firearms because I have authorised them to do so.”

“They have displayed to us the capabilities that they can also be able to provide to the RPNGC in terms of response capability should we be faced with serious security threats.

Baki said despite public criticisms, the idea is to do observation, training assistance in terms of advice particularly for the police officers on ground within NCD.

Baki emphasised that there is no sinister motive about the security company being here in the country.

“I do not want this to be linked up to the issues of the national elections or any assumption talks that the security company is here to be used for the election let alone to protect anyone for that matter,” says Baki.

He says they are specifically here upon his request as the Commissioner for Police.

He refuted what the NCD Superintendent for Operations said about the men being here to help with the elections operations adding that election security is different from deployed for the entire election.

“I am saying that they will not be used for election operations.”

Baki said after a brief with the LASG yesterday, a documentation will be put together with regards to the agreement.

“The exposure training and the mentoring that is going on at this point in time will be documented into a formal arrangement and will be presented to the government to be looked at.”


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Annette Kora