Bakani: Five toea is still legal tender

The five toea is still legal tender and businesses should not be short-changing customers.

Governor of the Bank of Papua New Guinea, Loi Bakani clarified this today, saying lollies or anything else must not be given in place of a 5 toea when issuing change.

Governor Bakani said customers can inform the bank of any service provider short-changing them or refusing to give 5 toea as change, and they can be dealt with.

“There is an adequate supply of 5 toea coins in the banks, and even here at the Bank of PNG, that service providers or retail shop owners can get, so there is no reason for short-changing customers with 5 toeas,” Governor Bakani said.

“Retail outlets or any service provider who issues lollies or anything else other than the 5t to customers is just too lazy to come and get a supply of five toeas,” he said.

Salome Vincent