Baby involved in accident

A baby was among more than 30 passengers involved in a near fatal accident yesterday afternoon.

A vehicle crashed head on with a PMV truck, Sunamist, that was travelling to Rigo, Central Province.

Reports stated that the truck hit the smaller vehicle while it was trying to avoid a pothole.

According to the driver of the Camry, he was rushing his wife to the hospital when he tried to avoid the larger truck.

Unfortunately, he turned too late, resulting in the truck crashing into them.

There were no casualties however, passengers in the vehicle were traumatised... the baby, a one-year-old, was clinging tightly to his father throughout the afternoon.

The incident occurred at around 6:45pm while Central Police arrived on the scene at around 7:15pm.

The passengers almost bashed the driver and the woman however, the media and climate change team intervened and asked the passengers to wait for the police.

Imelda Wavik