Authorities warn of weather system changes

The National Weather Service has urged people along the coast not go out to sea as weather systems form, posing a danger to them.

“The department is issuing warnings of floods, landslides and strong winds as a weather system develops on the coast of Western province. The system is expected to move across from Western to the coastlines of Gulf, Central and Milne Bay,” said Acting Director of the PNG National Weather Service’s Jimmy Gamoga.

Governor for NCD, Powes Parkop joined the appeal, adding that weather patterns can change at any given time. He urged the general public to take precaution and to remain vigilant.

“Strong winds come, weather patterns are severe, some still go out to sea to go fishing, that’s being irresponsible,” said Governor Parkop.

In the past people seem to have brushed aside these warnings and end up being victims of severe climate patterns.

The NCDC government will assist where it can, but the citizens must take heed and be vigilant. If it means moving up coast to avoid further damages from the effect of the king tide or severe winds from the upcoming days.

Rita Jeffery - UPNG Journalism Student