Aussie man facing sex charges to return to court

The 59-year-old Australian man who is facing sex charges in Manus will return to court in two weeks’ time.

A ruling is expected on whether there is sufficient evidence to commit him to stand trial at the National Court.

Charged with two counts of sexual touching, Terry Shane Geddes of Woodside, Brisbane, appeared at the Lorengau Committal Court last week, where submissions were presented to the presiding magistrate, Ben Kome.

The defendant is on K15,000 National Court bail and should return to court on 17th June. 

Police allege that the security supervisor with Paladin sexually touched a hotel attendant at Seadler Bay Hotel, on March 19, as she was attending to customers at the hotel.

Meantime, the church deacon who was arrested for the alleged sexual touching of a minor appeared at the Lorengau Committal Court on Monday, 3rd June, for mention.

The 56-year-old church elder from one of the mainline churches is alleged to have ‘sexually touched’ a 12-year-old victim on two occasions.

His case was further adjourned to 12 June for mention.

He remains remanded in custody.

Sally Pokiton