Attempted hold-up leaves one dead

A suspect is dead while another is in hospital after they were beaten up by members of the Paria community at ATS, outside Port Moresby, for attempting to hold up on an ice delivery truck driver.

The attempted hold up on an ice delivery truck driver went wrong for three men this morning, leaving one dead another in a critical condition while the third escaped.

Paria Community leader Denvers Keoa said his community is tired of such crimes and are working together to put a stop to it.

“We do not tolerate hold-up in the community. We have a community law. When the incident happened this morning, we chased and beat the suspects.” (Mipla putim tambu long hold up. Mipla gat lo i stap. Olsem na nau moning hold-up i kamap olsem na komuniti igo na paitim ol.)

Ice delivery truck driver, Laksi Kalo said he was driving out of the community after delivering ice when the three suspects stopped him on the road at gun point.

“One of them pointed the gun at me so I reversed the truck. When the bystanders saw what had happened, they mobilised, chased and beat them”. (Ol i pointim gan na mi fret na mi rivesim kar. Taim ol kominiti i lukim olsem ol i karim gan na ol i hold-up long mi, em ol i ronim ol na pinisim laik long ol.)

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, said the only way to curb crime in the city is by communities working together to bring perpetrators to the authorities.

N’Dranou commended the community for preventing the criminals from harming Kalo, despite allegedly beating up one suspect.

We have a deceased and a suspect apprehended, the other one is on the run and we will eventually catch him because we know his identity. This is something that is long overdue. I have been calling on this for a long time. In order for the community to be safe, the communities have to stand up for themselves.”

Meanwhile, N’Dranou urged citizens to help law enforcement by suppressing crime; where citizens can apprehend and bring a suspect in using their citizen arresting powers.

Jemimah Sukbat