Assault of ‘belt’ suspect under probe

The video of a naked man accused of being a troll and kept in a police cell, which is widely circulating on social media, has drawn the ire of the Police hierarchy.

Commander of NCD/Central and Assistant Commissioner Anthony Wagambie Junior said the Policing the Police Task Force Team has now taken carriage of this matter after it caught the attention of the RPNGC management.

The suspect and victim of the alleged police abuse, identified as Alex Toh Buka, 23 years old, from Avi village, Anglimp in Jiwaka Province, was not formally charged as of yesterday and was released from police custody last night.

ACP Wagambie said the Sexual Offence Squad will pick him up again once they are ready to press charges but the PTPTFT will also investigate any allegations of impropriety on the part of police.

In adherence to the stance taken by Commander Wagambie, the Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N'Dranou, has “cracked the whip” by suspending a Sergeant today at the Badili Police Station. 

Buka is alleged to have used a fake account on Facebook, impersonating a male Caucasian to lure and rape three unsuspecting females. 

Buka allegedly lured, abducted and raped his victims in separate locations in NCD. Buka is also alleged to have recorded a video of one of his many exploits, showing one of the victims biting a male person’s belt. The video, infamously referred to as “kaikai belt”, has gone viral on social media and police have now received a statement from one of the rape victims. 

Relatives of the three rape victims allegedly turned up in huge numbers at the Badili Police Station and defied duty policemen by beating and stripping Buka’s clothes.

Duty policemen at the Badili police Station have vehemently refuted any impropriety on their part, shifting the blame to disgruntled civilians.

However, ACP Wagambie said: “We are getting two different versions from all the victims, including the policemen who were at the Station, but nevertheless, all these matters will be subjected to independent investigations and anyone who is found to have broken the laws will be dealt with accordingly.”

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