Asi calls on drivers to be careful

​Central police commander, Laimo Asi has condemned the near fatal accident which almost caused the lives of over 30 passengers late yesterday afternoon – including the life of a 1 year old baby.

A vehicle crashed head on with a PMV truck, Sunamist that was travelling to Rigo, Central Province.

Reports stated that the truck hit the smaller vehicle while it was trying to avoid a pothole.

According to the driver of the Camry, he was rushing his wife to the hospital when he tried to avoid the larger truck.

Unfortunately, he turned too late, resulting in the truck crashing into them.

Asi said this accident was avoidable, if the drivers of both vehicles had been careful.

He added that drivers need to be cautious of how they carry themselves on the highway adding that the incident yesterday, was an unfortunate accident, fortunately with no casualties.

Investigations are continuing into the matter.


(File picture from accident)

Imelda Wavik