Arrested for assaulting former wife

Another one of the many cases of domestic violence came before the Waigani National Court today, this time it involved a man from the Lufa area of Eastern Highlands Province.

George Hanio was arrested and charged by police on allegations he physically assaulted his former wife after a domestic argument at Murray Barracks on 18 June 2015, which left her with a fractured arm and leg.

He appeared before Justice Panuel Mogish, where he pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm to his former wife.

He admitted to the offence and apologised to the court for his actions, but said he was provoked by his wife, who back then, used to sleep out without informing him.

On the day the beating took place, the former wife spent the night at a relative’s place. He went over and told her to go back to the house, pack her stuff and move out.

She returned home only to find him setting fire to some of her properties. An argument broke out between the two and Hanio used a stick to beat her up, leaving her with a broken arm and leg.

He later took her to the hospital.

The matter was reported to Police and during his recorded interview at the Police station, he admitted to the offence in the presence of his former wife and daughter.

Hanio told the court today that the woman he assaulted has since left him and their two children for the other man she was seeing at the time of the offence. She also has a child from the man.

He asked the court for mercy and leniency in determining his sentence, adding he has a heart condition and his two children need him.

He will return to court next week, where his lawyers and the state will make submissions on what should be his appropriate sentence.

Justice Mogish exercised his discretion and extended his bail, despite the court convicting him for the offence.

Sally Pokiton