Armed gang surrender firearms

A high-powered rifle and a Sig Sauer pistol were among other homemade firearms that were handed over to police in Maprik District, recently.

The firearms were used to commit a string of armed robberies along the main highway in Maprik District.

The guns were surrendered to the newly appointed Police sTation Commander for Maprik Inspector Robert Bari, in the presence of Yamil – Tamawi LLG president Carl Sangi, and local MP and Minister for Agriculture and Livestock John Simon.

Maprik Police were notified on Sunday that youths, who were behind the string of crime in Naramko Village, which is a hotspot for armed robberies, wanted to surrender the firearms.

Their decision came after women and children left the village in fear for their lives, following two consecutive hold-ups last week.

The main highway is frequented by people from the Central Sepik region including Wasara Gawi, Ambunti Drekirkir and Nuku.

According to police, the latest robbery had involved a hired Ten-Seater which was used to block off a known section of the road.

A PMV bus route 39 from Wasara was en-route to Wewak when it was stopped and its passengers were stripped off all their belongings, including takings from the PMV.

The gang leader (name withheld) who expressed remorse at what happened, promised that this was the end of this criminal act in this part of the district.

He also said the firearms surrendered were from Naramko alone.

He promised to work together with police to curb anymore criminal activities, and that information would be shared with police, of any crimes.

Inspector Bari said what had transpired is promising, and a sign that the community wants to cooperate with police.

He also said he will ensure that stricter and tougher measures are implemented to curb criminal activities, especially the rate of hold-ups along the highway.

Minister Simon was happy with what the youth had done because most of these crimes had been happening right at his door step.

Other items such as gas bottles which were used to create home brew were also surrendered.

The Minister said these illegal activities also lead to criminal and disorderly behavior.

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