Approaches to deal with police brutality

The NCD Metropolitan has outlined approaches for the general public to take heed of to avoid cases and instances of police brutality.

It is imperative that residents in NCD take note of the process involved for police to step in when a situation requires it.

  1. Do not put yourself in that position in the first place. Do not break any laws of PNG to avoid police.
  2. Comply with all police instructions even if you have not broken any laws yourself. Remember and record everything that is happening.
  3. If you are directed by police to go to a police station to complete an investigation, comply. Police will require you as the subject or witness for their investigations. It is legal for police to use proportionate force to ensure you go to police station to complete that investigation. You will be released after an interview.

When witnessing police unlawful use of force or illegal activities, the best approach would be to;

  1. Ensure you remember everything and if you can help without getting yourself hurt, record all conversations and take photographs of the incident.
  2. If you can identify officer involved, include also make and type of vehicle involved or used.
  3. Immediately report the incident to a commissioned police officer, the police station commander or the internal investigation unit for NCD based at Boroko.
  4. Forward a copy of that report to the Internal Affairs Directorate based at Koki.
  5. Be prepared to be interviewed and become a witness in court.

Meantime, the NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, discourages the general public from making false allegations.

“It is unlawful by law and arrest will be carried out for false allegations against police.”

Police in NCD need the support of the general public to eradicate the problem of police ill-discipline and brutality activities.

“You will be doing NCD a great deal and justice by reporting police officers’ misconduct,” says N’Dranou.

Annette Kora