Appreciate the opportunity, bus owners told

The CEO of the Road Traffic Authority has urged PMV operators to appreciate the opportunity of owning and operating their own licenced PMVs and taxis.

Nelson Terema says it is important that they are aware that at any time, the government may decide to take that opportunity away.

“There is a possibility of the government nationalising PMVs and taxis and this will greatly affect operators and owners,” states Terema.

Thus he is calling on these businessmen to appreciate what they have now and not to jeopardise it by getting themselves involved in events such as strikes.

His comments follow the strike in Port Moresby, since Monday afternoon, by PMV bus drivers and operators over the alleged abuse of their colleague.

Terema also mentions that this is one of the main ideas that will be looked into by the transport department and the government.

However, the authority as a body has also agreed to look into the state of PMV and taxi operation as an income earning base.

He therefore urges them to consider their involvement in strikes and other unnecessary moves.

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Imelda Wavik