Application for Namah’s arrest before court

An application seeking an arrest warrant for Belden Namah is before the Supreme Court.

The application was filed on 16 March by Twivey lawyers, who represent Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

It stems from the contempt motions the PM filed against five members of the Opposition; Kerenga Kua, Patrick Pruaitch, Sir Mekere Morauta, Bryan Kramer and Belden Namah.

Namah is said to have been evading personal serve of the contempt motion that the Prime Minister filed against him.

It is a requirement to effect personal service on alleged contemnors. Substitute service in the daily newspapers is also available in events personal service cannot be effected.  

The application seeking arrest warrant went before the Supreme Court on Wednesday (March 21) for directions.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia suggested to counsel from Twivey lawyers, Jerome Sioni, for the contempt motion against Namah to come before the full court at the trial stage.

It was seen to be premature to move the application as the contempt motion has not yet gone to trial.

He adjourned the matter to Friday to allow Sioni to get further instructions on how they can progress the arrest warrant application further.

The contempt motion against Namah was adjourned generally to the Supreme Court registry on March 1, because Twivey lawyers had been having difficulties in effecting personal service on him.

The contempt applications against the other four opposition MPs has been listed to go for trial before the Supreme Court bench on 1-2 May.

PM O’Neill is seeking contempt charges against the Opposition members for making statements in a press conference, through media releases and on social media (Facebook) in relation to his arrest warrant case.

(Belden Namah file pic)

Sally Pokiton