APEC CEO responds to Senator Hanson

PNG’s Chief Executive Officer of APEC 2018, Christopher Hawkins, has advised Queensland Senator, Pauline Hanson, to research before speaking.

His response follows Hanson’s viral ‘Please Explain’ Facebook video, where she succinctly expressed herself following the PNG Government’s purchase of 40 Maserati cars for the APEC leaders.

Hawkins said: “The cars being used for APEC will be purchased by the private sector so there is no cost to Government and have absolutely nothing to do with foreign support.

“I do not know how we can make it any simpler for the Senator to understand.

“As to the price, she is using imaginary inflated figures. This is creating fake news.”

In the video, which was uploaded on October 12th and has over 8,000 shares to date, Hanson said if PNG can afford to buy high-end vehicles then it does not need Australia’s foreign aid.

“We actually give them about $550 million a year in foreign aid,” Hanson said. “Not good enough.

“I have nothing against the people of Papua New Guinea; they were actually wonderful during the Second World War and helping Australians but I tell you what, this Government stinks.”

Hanson said she is sick of hearing of corruption in PNG, and has urged the Australian government to withdraw their foreign aid.

(Filepic - PNG’s Chief Executive Officer of APEC 2018, Christopher Hawkins)

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