APEC ambassador outlines hurdles

Remaining focused on the policy agendas after the 2018 APEC year is one of the challenges highlighted by the PNG APEC Ambassador, Ivan Pomaleu.

Pomaleu said hosting several significant meetings, including the Leaders’ Summit, presented many challenges to PNG before, during and after the events.

He highlighted both domestic and global challenges during his presentation of the PNG Policy Priorities for APEC 2018 in Port Moresby today.

Speaking at the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce hosted breakfast, Ambassador Pomaleu said hosting the APEC summit presented several challenges both on the domestic and international front.

Locally, the challenges include the negative perception on APEC, ensuring domestic voices are part of government priorities and remaining focused post 2018.

“We cannot rest on our laurels, we certainly need to continue to manage international expectations,” Pomaleu said.

“We have to manage domestic voices as well. And people with high sense of priority would like to know whether we should do APEC or something else, those are voices we need to manage.”

The Ambassador also stated that on the international scene were the challenges of shifting geo-politics, and the ascendency on anti-globalisation and rise in protectionist sentiments.

Meanwhile, Pomaleu said so far, PNG has hosted several high level meetings, including two Ministers Meetings and the Informal Senior Officials Meetings, and is confident PNG can host the biggest meet in November.

“In terms of how we deliver our Ministerial statements, if you think in terms of our current capabilities and what we can do, we’ve done it.”

He informed members of the business community who were present on the theme which is focused on growth, connectivity and digital economy.

Policy priorities of APEC 2018 are focused on ‘Improving connectivity and Deepening Regional Economic Integration’, Promoting Sustainable and Improving Growth’ and ‘Strengthening Inclusive Growth through Structural Reform’.

Cedric Patjole