Another Buimo escapee apprehended

A prison escapee from Buimo CS was apprehended around 6am on Friday, 22nd September.

According to Lae police, some other suspects had broken into a company premises at 4am in the morning.

They were disturbed by Security Guards causing the suspects to open fire at the Security Guards.

Fortunately no one was hurt.

The Security Company contacted Police through our Toll Free number of which the Sector Response Unit 101 responded immediately to the scene.

Suspects were chased on foot but evaded arrest by going into residential areas.

SRU 101 remained in a secluded area until first light when the escapee and another suspect made their way onto the main road.

The two culprits after sighting Police tried to make a run for it again and were pursued by SRU members on foot.

The escapee ran into the yard of a group of flats where he was caught.

Police also recovered his stapler homemade gun with two live ammunition already loaded in.

The escapee, after being charged later for the live ammunition, homemade gun and escaping has been transported to CS Buimo for lock up.

Annette Kora