Andy Bawa's case dismissed

The Waigani National Court today dismissed the misappropriation case against former NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Andy Bawa.

Bawa and his lawyers returned before Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika where an indictment on the charge of misappropriation was presented in court.

However, right after the indictment was presented, a statement of nolle prosequi was entered by the state indicating they will no longer pursue the case because they do not have enough evidence.

Sir Gibbs dismissed his case, ordering a refund of his bail monies of K1000.

The state alleged that between Aug 4 and Sept 30, 2016, Bawa, from Kandep in the Enga province, dishonestly applied K83,600, the property of the state, to his own use.

The money he allegedly misappropriated was allowance for the 2015 Pacific Games.

Initially he was charged with stealing and abusing the authority of his office while he was the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent.

(Bawa with his lawyers and supporters outside the Waigani Court house)

Sally Pokiton