Alternate Govt will abolish departments

The Departments of Personnel Management and Planning and Monitoring will be abolished under the alternative Government led by current Opposition Leader, Don Polye.

Polye says the departments will be done away with because socio-economic development is the main focus of their policy.

He says the abolishment also aims to strengthen the proficiency of the public service.

“The Department of Personnel Management, I’ll abolish it (and) I’ll strengthen the Public Service Commission.

“The Department of National Planning I’ll abolish it and put it under the Department of Prime Minister.

“Social Development I’ll take it out and put it under the Department of Prime Minister because socio-economic development will be my focus.”

Polye said restoring the rule of law and coming down hard on lawbreakers, especially in the public service, will also be a priority.

In a media conference to welcome the new year, Polye accused the Government of instilling systematic corruption which he says has flourished since the O’Neill led coalition took office.

He has also warned the health and education sectors to be financially prudent as the country is undergoing a cash flow problem and may not receive in full appropriations made in the budget.

Cedric Patjole