Alternate Government to visit Enga, Lae

Members of the Alternate Government will be visiting Enga next week at the invitation of Governor Sir Peter Ipatas and Wabag MP, Dr Tom Lino.

Vocal Opposition Member and Madang MP, Bryan Kramer, says Sir Peter hopes to address his people following his decision to leave the Government coalition.

After the May 17th forum, the group will be traveling own to Lae on the 21st.

“We’re staging a public forum at the Eriku Oval, and this is organised at the invitation of the Governor for Morobe, as well as the Open member for Lae,” stated Kramer.

“People can turn up and actually get a firsthand explanation on the state of the economy, what’s happening, UBS loan, all the controversial issues that are normally kept away from them.

“And so we will be there, face-to-face, speaking, giving them the opportunity to hear us out and then make an informed decision on who they want to believe.”

Parliament will resume the week after the planned Lae public forum, where Kramer says Alternate Government will be marching from Laguna to the House of Parliament on the 28th of May.

He has issued an invitation to members of the public to join them.

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Carmella Gware