Alotau Market Completed

The Alotau Town Market & Fisheries Facility has been completed and handed over to the National Fisheries Authority.

The facility falls under the Redevelopment of Town Markets Projects funded by the Governments of PNG and Japan.

Recently a joint team comprising of National Fisheries Authority (NFA), Milne Bay Provincial Management Team, and Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) recently visited Alotau to assess the full construction of the Facility.

The Project began in 2017 with Japan Government allocated K33 Million.

The Japan Government component has been completed while the PNG Government component will continue to next year, and anticipated to be completed in May 2020.

Alotau Town Market & Fisheries Facility boasts extra Amenities like Kiosks, Bank Agent and ATM Facility, Amphitheater, Aquarium and First Aid amenity.

NFA’s Managing Director, John Kasu said the Government has recognized the need to provide sustainable opportunities and options for local Papua New Guineans by promoting onshore processing through foreign investment to achieve economies of scale and become competitive in the global tuna processing industry.

Redevelopment of Town Markets Projects is part of the overall Coastal Fisheries Development Programme introduced by NFA to empower locals in the harvesting, marketing and managing of their own fisheries and marine resources for their livelihoods.

Meantime, the NFA recently participated in the 24th China Fisheries and Seafood Expo in Qingdao City.

Managing Director John Kasu said the expo provided the perfect platform to enhance international trade linkages and opportunity to NFA to tap into Chinese seafood market.

NFA took a step forward in actioning the recently signed fisheries MoU and Trade Protocol Agreement.

The TPA contains a list of 42 dead and live PNG seafood products recognised for export by the General Administration of China Customs, with now pending formal registration by GACC, China National Certification Administration, Bureau of Food Import-Export and entry ports.

Mr Kasu said PNG must move fast in capitalising on opportunities in actioning technical areas of cooperation with China, with the exposition indicating that demand for seafood in China mainland is massive.

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