The Alliance to file Supreme Court reference

New political party, The Alliance, has announced it will be to filing two Supreme Court references over the 18 month grace period and District Services Improvement Program disbursement.

Member for Madang, Bryan Kramer, says he has instructed the party’s counsel, Nemo Yalo, to file a Supreme Court reference that will challenge the 18 month grace period.

He is of the view that the 18 month grace period undermines democracy.

“We are also going to be filing a constitutional reference in relation to the disbursements of DSIP funds, seeking a Supreme Court reference on constitutional questions as to the distribution of the DSIP funds that favour members of government and prejudice members of the opposition,” he said.

Kramer alleges that the current practice of distribution of development funds favour the government at the expense of the opposition members and is unconstitutional.

“So I will be seeking a declaration from the Supreme Court in the reference to declare that it’s unconstitutional,” he said.

The Alliance party intends to file the two references in February next year after the opening of the 2018 legal year.

“So that will be one of our first party initiatives and we look forward to making the official launch in February next year and announcing who the party leader will be,” Kramer added.

(Member for Madang, Bryan Kramer)

Sally Pokiton