Alleged hired killer arraigned in court

An Engan man who was allegedly hired to kill another man along the Sogeri road on Jan 13 has had his two charges read and explained to him in court.

Nelson David Yakan (26) from Sopos village, Wabag, Enga Province went before Magistrate Ben Kome on Thursday where he was arraigned.

His case was later adjourned to Feb 23 to give police time to investigate and produce their files in court. He remains in custody at Bomana.

Yakan was arrested on Jan 17 and charge with willfully and unlawfully killing a Paul Sope on Jan 13 at 14-Mile outside Port Moresby.

He was also charged with the attempted murder of Jack Ninkama.

He was allegedly hired with two others, only known to the court as Junior and Walis, both from Surunki, Enga Province to do the “job” at K15,000. 

The incident took place along the Sogeri road, around 4:30pm last Friday. Yakan and two of his accomplices met at the Adventure Park and walked over to the road side market where they waited for their target, a Blue Toyota 10-seater.

Armed with a pump action shot gun, they allegedly fired a shot directly at a Blue Toyota ten seater, behind the driver seat. The bullet missed the driver Jack Ninkama.

Two other shots were later allegedly fired which hit the vehicle that was travelling behind that 10-seater. It was a white Hyundai Dyna which belonged to the Boroma Piggery Ltd. One of the bullets hit the driver in the chest, landing on the front wind screen, killing the driver (Paul Sope) instantly at the scene.

The three men fled the scene, however Yakan was apprehended at New Block, 14-Mile. Yakan admitted to police that he was one of the three men and they were hired by a man (known) who met them at the Gordon Kai Bar to get a job done at K15,000.

Yakam remains in police custody. He can only apply for bail in the National Court.

(Pictured is Waigani District Court building.)




Sally Pokiton