Alleged cop killers to stand trial

Magistrate Paul Nii of the Waigani Committal Court, yesterday, committed three men to stand trial at the National Court for the willful murder of a police Officer on May 1st 2023.

Magistrate Nii, who presided over the matter, committed Niu Matus, 28 years old of Niri Village, Eastern Highlands Province, Nepo Mobe, 32 of Niri Village, Eastern Highlands, and Repen Igirimel, 26 Obura-Wonenara, Eastern Highlands, to stand trial because there was sufficient evidence against each one for the killing of Late Senior Sergeant Ludwig Dondo.

It was alleged that during the time of the incident at the ATS Samarai Block, in Port Moresby between 11am and 12pm, the accused were peddling marijuana when they were apprehended by three members of the police force.

It was alleged that the accused, Matus, when questioned by police, admitted that there was more marijuana stored at his house. The police brought Matus to his house where they found more evidence of marijuana wrapped in newspaper and stored under his bed. They proceeded to confiscate the illicit drugs.

While leaving the property, it is alleged that the accused revealed he had more marijuana and that he wanted to give it to the police as well. Late Senior Sergeant Dondo, who was driving the police car, drove back into Matus property.

The court heard that Matus called out to the little girl, and asked her to call her mother over. He spoke to the child in Tok Pisin and in his native language. The child then walked over to a group of people next to the house and a few minutes later, a crowd of people came rushing towards Matus and the three police officers. They were armed with axes, sticks, stones, and bow and arrows and demanded that Matus and his accomplices be released.

Late Senior Sergeant Dondo could not get out of the property because the driveway had already been blocked off by freshly cut tree branches.

In the midst of trying to escape, it was further alleged that a man armed with a bow and arrow attacked the deceased. The arrow penetrated the deceased heart through his right armpit. The Late Senior Sergeant managed to drive out of the area and to safety before he fell unconscious at the wheel. His colleague rushed him to the hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Meanwhile, all three accused escaped with three bags of marijuana while the police officers were being attacked.

On Tuesday 02nd of May 2023, they were apprehended, arrested and charged with willful murder. They appear at the National Court on Monday 15 April, 2024.

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