Air Niugini clarifies ‘emergency landing’ incident

The Air Niugini’s flight PX126 on Thursday afternoon from Madang to Wewak could not reach its destination as they had to return to Port Moresby.

This was due to the aircraft’s undercarriage on both sides not being able to release the wheels for landing in Wewak. The aircraft circled Wewak but the undercarriage could not be activated to release the wheels for landing.

This had forced the pilot to return to Port Moresby.

Air Niugini General Manager Dominic Kaumu said the aircraft could not do an emergency landing in Wewak and Madang because of lack of emergency facilities.

He clarified that the pilot did the right thing to return to Port Moresby and advise the Air Niugini Emergency team of the situation.

“Therefore, upon the pilot’s instructions, the emergency team which included the ambulance and police were on standby awaiting the arrival of the plane.”

However, he said the situation changed when the aircraft upon reaching Port Moresby was able to activate the undercarriage  which opened and released the wheels for landing.

Kaumu said Air Niugini’s paramount importance was their safety and nothing else.

He said Air Niugini will do whatever it takes to safeguard its passengers domestically and internationally.


Picture: The Emergency Response Team awaiting the arrival of flight PX126 from Wewak at Jackson's International airport.


Freddy Mou