Ailing Kosipe population needs attention

Kosipe Village in the Woitape LLG in Goilala District, Central Province, needs the health authority to attend to its ailing population.

This call comes from two health officers who walk the rugged terrains of Woitape to reach remote Kosipe and treat malaria patients there.

Mathew and Mary Kamo, a husband and wife team, mostly work on their own but the weather during the past few months has made traveling difficult in reaching and treating the sick.

Mathew said they have had to brave the tough weather conditions despite having limited medicines and manpower.

He said Kosipe is among many villages in the district that hardly gets visits from health workers; the sick also cannot make the long walk to Woitape station to get medicine.

Mathew and Mary are very concerned and believe services are not reaching people because there is an abuse of health laws.

“Many people are not enforcing health authority’s laws that’s (probably) why services are not reaching people,” said Mathew.  

“People in the village need (health) services very much. When the polio exercise was conducted, my wife and I walked this area. We walked from Tokio to Kosipe to Yeme and we needed to return to Woitape.

"We are under Woitape LLG, but all health officers who walked to different locations to do polio exercise were stranded in each location. As a result Woitape missed out on the third polio exercise.”

(Health worker Mathew Koma treating a local)

Salome Vincent