Agevairu Health Centre Benefits From Staff Grant Program

Digicel Foundation’s staff grants program has assisted Agevairu Health Centre, purchase vital equipment and materials to serve the sick.

The grants program is a great way for Digicel staff to give back to their communities or villages. Patricia Kassman from Agevairu in Kairuku District, Central Province was one of 10 staff who were awarded a K5000 grant.

Agevairu Health Centre located at Kairuku District helps out surrounding villages, and has 10 operational rooms and five staff members of the Health Centre.

Kassman acknowledged Digicel Foundation for the opportunity to give back to her community.

“We donated 7 mattresses, 2 adult scales, thermometers, baby weight scales, stethoscopes, and blood pressure machines. At first I thought of bringing a child care centre in Agevairu but then I had a visit here when my nieces gave birth, and I happened to see what was here and needed in the clinic. So I thought it’s better to donate back to the clinic here because it will not only help my family alone but help all of Gabadi,” she said.

Health Officer in charge, Francis Aupu, said that the equipment will be of great benefit to staff and especially patients who go there to for medical help.

The health centre was established in the early 80’s and has served over 9,760 people since.

Loop Author