Agencies urged to help police

With the increasing law and order problems in the National Capital District the police are urging other agencies to help.

National Capital District and Central Province Police Commander Anthony Wagambie Jr stated that agencies must step in and assist police in their various capacities to cut down on law and order issues, overcrowding and traffic issues. 

He said agencies such as Road Traffic Authority must make sure that taxi services in the city are regulated. Stating that there were many taxies at the bus stops blocking way for the buses. 
Wagambie Jr also urged the Department of Community Development to find ways to help those children roaming the streets instead of going to school.

“Government stakeholders please you must do your job. In NCD I see that there are a number of PMVs and taxies not regulated. Cabs are taking over the bus stops and the PMVs are not parking at the right place.  If the agencies are doing their job, we all will work together and make it easy for everyone,” Wagambie Jr said. 

He added: “We cannot depend only on police. There are other government agencies who are tasked to do their duties as well.”

Loop Author